Our clients tell us their software needs and we analyse and deliver the system to support their existing business work-flow with minimum changes. Whether its time management, inventory tracking, customer relationship management, or database integration via a custom application to support a new business process; we can deliver.

True cost reduction vs. destroying operation: Our good reputation is our marketing strategy and over 60% of our business is from repeat clients. We have a spotless delivery record that has enabled us to become technology partners with other software providers globally.


Our turnaround consulting solution works like a surgeon who comes in to perform an operation, and then departs after satisfying the client with proper patient's recovery plan advice. The operation may be costly, but you definitely don't begrudge the fee once you are returned to rude health. If it is needed, we place interims to fill identified gaps; to work alongside and perhaps mentor particular permanent directors; to manage projects that overstretch the senior management.


Based on our experience, some firms cut too deep and severed the jugular, which is the operational side of the business. It's fine to cut costs, but when that affects operations it can slow the business. So it may be necessary to make the operation leaner before that affects every part of the business. Smaller companies are becoming more creative in their use of interims.



Serving the needs: At Ultima-Serve Ltd., we understand that sometimes our clients require a software application that must meet their specific functional needs given their unique business processes and operational requirements. Quite often the "big box" software companies try to be all things to all people, and seldom deliver a solution that meets the specific needs of the client; this is where we can add significant value. This is so common that software development companies offer new applications to replace legacy systems to avoid headaches and maximize their profit. We unusually buy into it. We believe in each invested application is at least an opportunity that we can capitalize, unless it is not wanted by the client.


We offer total solutions. We have expertise in .Net Development, Outsourced Product Development, Legacy System Maintenance and Transformation in addition to Website Development and Multimedia Design & Development. We develop wireless and mobile applications and we have extensive experience in enterprise resource planning applications (ERP).



Security of data protection: Ultima Serve Ltd. is absolutely committed to your privacy in any aspect and guards your personal and business information to the best of our capabilities. We know and see that the great and exciting growth of the Internet and all the types of online services has also brought reasonable concern for consumers about what information is collected, distributed and available about them, and we want you to be sure that we always consider and work with that diligent and honest commitment to all of our Internet activities. 



Current Projects:

The following project are on going projects at this time. Please contact us if you have any questions:


Vendor management system

Client management system

Recruiting contact management system

Special form processing toolkit

VOIP solution

Multi language agent based money exchange platform

New Projects

Current application development activities:

We have newly added the following list of projects to our list.

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